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Alloy Wheel Alignment

Revamp Autoworks offer quality, yet affordable wheel alignment in Bromley and the surrounding areas, there is nothing better than getting professional service at a generous rate. With plenty of years of experience in suspension and steering systems, we have the knowledge to discover and repair any cause of your wheel alignment issues.

At the first sign of wheel alignment issues, your wheel alignment should be checked over by a professional, whether this being unusual tire wear or your vehicle veering to the left or right. Before replacing your tyres, ensure you examine them and look for any unusual wear. Wear on the inside or outside shoulders of the tyres is an indication or poorly aligned wheels.

Your wheels must be aligned correctly to keep you in control of your car, and avoids unnecessary stress to your suspension components. If your wheels are out of line, this can cause driving to become incredibly difficult and cause damage to your tires. Having your wheels un-aligned could reduce the life of your tyres by as much as 30%.

If your vehicle has un-aligned wheels, this can cause uneven pressure on your tyres. This can mean that you can cause uneven resistance from the road surface, meaning it is harder for your car to drive and a less smooth ride. If your finding that you have more resistance to the road surface, you will find that there is more pressure on the rubber of your tyres, this will lead to uneven wear and tear on your tyres, which in the end will result in poor handling. Once your wheels are aligned, you will have a smoother, safer ride, as well as saving money in the long run. Wheel alignment is crucial to enhance your vehicles performance as well as decrease fuel consumption, as well as saving the expenditure of purchasing new tyres sooner.

As you know driving on wet or icy roads can be difficult, even if your wheels are perfectly aligned, if your wheels are badly aligned, you will be taking the unnecessary risk of causing or having an accident.

The wheel alignment on your vehicle can be affected by a variety of circumstances, for example, unable to avoid a big pothole, or accidentally hitting a curb, these are both unavoidable actions, which can all have a detrimental effect on your wheel alignment and can cause stress to your car, causing your wheel alignment to become inaccurate. Wheel alignment can also be affected by changing the suspension of the vehicle. It is always worthwhile getting your wheel alignment checked if you have hit something large, in case this has caused any unknown damage.

If you are in or around the Bromley area and looking for wheel alignment, contact Revamp Autoworks today. Routine wheel alignment can be part of your regular maintenance to your vehicle to ensure its running as smoothly and safely as possible, we understand the importance of correct wheel alignment to ensure your vehicle’s performance and comfort.

From 16″ to 22″ we can fully refurbish both individual wheels or full sets.

Per Wheel inc VAT Per Set inc VAT
Up to 16" From £70 From £240
17" From £80 From £280
18" From £90 From £320
19" From £100 From £360
20" From £110 From £400
21" From £120 From £440
22" From £130 From £480

Vapour Blasting

Vapour blasting also known as wet blasting or liquid honing, is the number one choice for applications requiring the highest quality of surface finish. The key to vapour blasting is that the finish is produced through the flow of water borne abrasive, giving a finer finish due to the flushing action of the water. No media is impregnated into the component, nor is there any dust created by the break-up of media, unlike dry blasting where the finish is produced by sheer force of media impact.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating gives one of the most economical, longest-lasting, and most colour-durable quality finishes available on virtually any type of metal. Powder-coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes.

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